What Equipment To Buy For An Aquarium

What Equipment To Buy For An Aquarium

If you are searching for What Equipment To Buy For An Aquarium, then you are at the right place. The aquarium in the house decorates the general interior and improves the emotional state of a person. For its maintenance, special equipment will be needed, which will provide good conditions for the existence of fish and other inhabitants.

This article will consider what equipment to choose for large and small aquariums, the features and functions of the filter, lighting, compressor, heater, and other aquarium accessories.

What Equipment To Buy For An Aquarium

What Equipment To Buy For An Aquarium

The aquarium can be decorated with beautiful plants that enrich the water with oxygen, various decorative elements – shells, artificial castles, caves, etc. Dark soil, white quartz, or small pebbles without sharp edges are poured into the bottom of the tank.

Having decided on the decor, you need to move on to selecting special equipment that provides normal conditions for the life of the internal inhabitants.

What you need to buy for your aquarium:

Aquarium filtration system

Fish in an aquarium need proper care. They cannot exist in dirty water, which leads to morbidity and death. The owner will have to regularly change the water in the aquarium and clean the walls. But even such care cannot provide the fish with full-fledged conditions for a healthy life. A special filtration compressor will help to solve this problem.


Which filter is better

There are two types of compressors that filter water in an aquarium: external and internal.

External compressors are recommended for large aquariums. They are impressive in size and look like a canister, inside which there are several filter filters and tubes. They work efficiently, but they are quite noisy; therefore, installing an aquarium with such a compressor in a bedroom is not recommended.

Internal filtration compressors are more economical, have compact dimensions, and create a low noise level during operation. This system is a small plastic container, inside which there is a ceramic filler and a pump that pumps water. This unit can be installed in an aquarium with a volume of 20 to 200 liters. In large tanks, it is used as an additional filter.

Artificial lighting

Plants in the aquarium create a harmonious look and oxygenate the water. Aquatic flora needs good lighting. It is not wise to put the aquarium on the windowsill, so the right solution would be to equip the tank with artificial lighting.

There are several types of aquarium lighting fixtures. They can be powered by an incandescent lamp or fluorescent source. Experts recommend choosing the second option. The glow of lamps is as close as possible to natural sunlight. Such lamps create bright and high-quality lighting, heat up less, and consume energy more economically.


When choosing artificial lighting for an aquarium, the power parameters of the device are taken into account. For high-quality lighting of one liter of water, a 0.5 W lamp is needed. Using this simple formula, you can accurately calculate the required power parameter of the device.

Artificial lighting lamps are attached to the tank lid. The operating mode is determined by the owner of the aquarium. For example, you can turn on the light source only at night.

Oxygen Compressors

Fish in an aquarium are living things that cannot live without oxygen. For providing oxygen, a special compressor must be installed in the tank. This appliance enriches the water with oxygen supplied in the form of bubbles that rise to the surface. In addition to being of great benefit to fish, it also has a decorative function.

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Types of oxygen compressors:

  1. External devices – installed outside the aquarium. Equipped with a valve for adjusting the airflow. Convenient in that they do not take up extra space inside the tank. The disadvantages are that they work noisily.
  2. Internal compressors – installed in the aquarium. Equipped with capacity regulation to reduce energy consumption. They do not generate much noise during operation. Lack of equipment – they take up a lot of space in the aquarium, so it is better to install such models in large tanks, where there is enough space for the comfortable life of floating inhabitants.

The optimal power parameter of the device is 0.5 watts per 1 liter of water.

Aquarium water heater

Most people choose beautiful exotic fish of bright colors to settle in the aquarium. Such inhabitants, originally from tropical countries, need warmth, so the water in the aquarium should always be warm within a strictly defined temperature range.

Automatic water heaters are used to maintain the water temperature at a precisely set degree.

Types of aquarium water heater:

  1. Submersible – they are lowered into the water to a certain depth.
  2. Bottom models – submerged in the ground at the bottom of the aquarium.
  3. External devices – installed outside the water on the outside of the tank.

High-quality water heaters are equipped with an effective heating element and a thermostat, which is necessary to set the correct temperature value. The device works automatically, maintaining the water temperature according to the set parameter.

When choosing a water heater, you need to take into account the required power of the device. You can focus on the following formula: a heater with a capacity of up to 100 watts is installed per 100 liters of water.

Experts recommend not to save on the purchase of this device. Cheap models of low-quality production quickly fail or work “in bad faith”, which is due to the possibility of water overheating or its strong hypothermia. In such conditions, heat-loving fish will not live long.

Additional accessories for arranging the aquarium

You will need additional accessories to set up your aquarium and take good care of your tank and fish. It is better to buy all the necessary accessories right away.

What accessories may be needed:

  1. Absorption activated carbon block: Filters and absorbs any dirt, stain, or chemical that may not be good for the health of your pet fishes.
  2. Digital Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder
  3. Digital PH Meter Tester for water or Water Quality Tester Filter Pen: useful for checking the quality of the water
  4. Fish Tank Aquarium Cleaning Sponge: Suitable for cleaning different sizes of a glass tank without any scratch.
  5. Fish tank thermometer: measure the temperature of the water.
  6. Powder Fish Feeder: it dispenses perfect portions of food for your fish every day.
  7. Wave pump for aquarium: Clean food and fish excrement from the bottom of the aquarium faster, reduce water pollution, enhance the exchange of micro-organisms in the water and keep the aquarium clean

Now you know What you need for an aquarium. So, the selection is easier for you. In our store, you can buy beautiful and high-quality aquariums for aquatic life, special equipment for equipping the tank, as well as additional accessories for proper care. A large selection of decorative compositions, artificial plantsstones, and much more. 

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