Ultra-quiet Air Pump


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Active Aqua Air Pumps for hydroponics are ideal for oxygenating reservoirs of all sizes. Oxygenation of hydroponic reservoirs using air pumps is vital for the health of plants and their root systems. Active Aqua Air Pumps introduce dissolved oxygen to the nutrient solution, keeping it well-aerated for each irrigation cycle.

Super silent with a multi-level muffler. Special synthetic rubber diaphragm provides consistent airflow output, which can be easily adjusted with the pressure dial. Low power consumption. Adjustable airflow.

Using the airflow dial on the top of the pump, dial in just the right pressure for your situation. These pumps are designed to be extremely quiet, which we achieve using a multi-level internal muffler.

This air pump with 2 Outlets is super silent with a multi-level muffler, low power consumption. Special artificial rubber to keep a steady airflow output and pressure that can be adjusted freely. Adjustable airflow.

Adjustable Air Pump Air Compressor Oxygen Pump comes with a Multilevel muffler which is low in noise,non-oil lubricating design. High efficiency and extraordinary output, low power consumption, cost-effective, Continuous operation, and long service life. This Pump features an adjustable output offering maximum flexibility in a range of outlet options. It is super silent with a multilevel muffler.

Weight 550.00 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 200 cm

Double hole, Four holes, Single hole


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