Water Quality Tester Filter Pen


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Equipped with a premium quality titanium alloy probe, the TDS water quality tester enables quick and convenient tests. Put the probe into water and the LCD shows an accurate TDS figure in seconds. In addition, advanced and reliable Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures measurement accuracy, which reaches 0-9999ppm, making it fits multiple uses, drinking water test, swimming pool, laboratory, Hydroponics, aquarium, well water, etc.

3 in 1 TDS meter, Electric Conductivity Meter & Temperature Meter features the most updated technology. Three different measurement needs can be fulfilled by one meter. Not only is it convenient for you but also saves your time and money, absolutely a helpful kit for your life.

A water hardness test meter with Big Backlit LCD is far superior to most digital water quality tester displays, which allows wider angles of data reading and night reading. Besides, Red backlight ( ppm figure over 40 ) means non-drinking water. Green backlight ( ppm figure below 40 ) indicates TDS figure qualified for direct drinking water (Notes: International standard adopted TDS figure 40 as a dividing line.)

ppm meter allows one-button operation, turn it on and put TDS meter into water, you can get your desired data in seconds. Besides, there is a chart at the back of this test meter for figure reference.

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