Wave pump for aquarium


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Get this circulation wave pump for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

The 360° swivelling stand and nozzles enhance the wave effect. Simulate the natural ecological environment and disperse the water flows.

Clean food and fish excrement from the bottom of the aquarium faster, reduce water pollution, enhance the exchange of micro-organisms in the water and keep the aquarium clean.

The suction cup can prevent scratches on the aquarium. Simply move the suction cup outside the aquarium to adjust the position of the wave pump. The maximum glass thickness of the aquarium is 15 mm. The effects of the wave pump are adjustable.

IMPORTANT: To avoid breaking the aquarium, please do not leave the anode and cathode together when installing the magnet. Please install it properly according to the user’s manual.

Weight 520.0 kg
Dimensions 88 × 160 × 115 cm



XVA 600, XVA 800, XVA 1000


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