Self Cleaning Small Fish Tank Bowl


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You no longer need to worry about losing power in a noisy aquarium or having to face high operating costs and continuous maintenance.
This interesting self-cleaning fish tank requires no cables, no trouble, no need to change filters, no need to chase fish with nets, no need to remove rocks or plants, and no need to vacuum the gravel.

To clean this desktop aquarium, all you have to do is simply pour a glass of water into the aquarium and clean the aquarium in less than 60 seconds!
Just pour clean water into the desktop aquarium to keep the fish tank clean and protect the betta from harm. Perfect decoration for living room, office, home, bedroom, etc.

Food grade plastic material, safe and portable, durable and anti-fall, high transparency, achieve 360 degrees without dead angle viewing.
Equipped with led light, make beautiful light. When used for the first time£¬remove the inside slip, tighten, and the lamplight; loosen and light is off.
Magic self-cleaning function, do not need to catch fish and change the fish tank water.

Add a cup of water every day, increase oxygen, and clean. Easy to install and handle, suitable for children and the elderly.

Smooth surface and corners, do not hurt the hand, reliable use.
When the water reaches the ideal level, cleaning will automatically stop. Children can easily do this! This is the perfect gift for all ages.

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