Carbon Ultra Strong Absorption Aquarium


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Absorption activated carbon block solid composition, no powder, no impurities, does not cause black water.

Say goodbye to the trouble of constantly changing cloudy aquarium water. An unclean aquarium is harmful to the life of your pet fish. say goodbye to the trouble of constantly changing cloudy aquarium water.
Filters and absorbs any dirt, stain, or chemical that may be not good for the health of your pet fishes.

The adsorbed material is firmly controlled and oxidized to improve the filtration efficiency while extending the service life of the cubes.
Significantly decreases the death rate of aquarium pets. Instead, their health level is increased in the process due to cleaner water.

Prevents tank and water odor.

Avoids the water from getting murky. Maintains the water’s PH level as well as overall cleanliness. Your fish tank will stay clean and clear for months!

The Water Purifier Cubes is specially made to provide clean water for all animals, including fishes and reptiles. It is safe for use for animals only.

Simply put it in the tank.

Just wash it with soap and warm water, and you can put it back in the water tank again. Wash the cubes with warm water before using.
Ensure clean drinking water for farm animals or fishes with water purifier cubes today!

Weight 200.00 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 70 cm

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