Aquarium Cleaning Brush


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Fish tank aquarium magnetic brush very suitable for small glass fish tanks or saltwater, and freshwater.

Easy to use and store, can be placed in the corner after use which does not affect fish watching activities.

Aquarium cleaner is a great small fish tank cleaner that can be removed effectively and quickly. Poor magnets make cleaning extremely difficult, but our magnetic brush is different. It has super magnetism. You can easily clean the inside by gently sliding the outside brush which will have a healthy and optimal aquarium.

Good absorb ability and powerful magnetic attraction, suitable for use with varying glass thickness, which can effectively clean the algae adsorbed in the aquarium, no need to worry about soiling hands.

The cleaner for the fish tank with a soft cleaning pad, which can help you easily clean the fish tank without scratching the glass. Just clean it once and your fish will get a clean and healthy home. And you don’t need to get your hands or disturb fish to retrieve it.

The design conforms to the curve of the hand, you can hold glass cleaner comfortably. Just move the outside, the inside will be clean. Small arched fish tanks are also suitable. It can go around square corners without missing any corners.

Weight 60.0 kg
Dimensions 37 × 37 × 25 cm

White, Blue, Black


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