Aquarium Small Clip Light Water Lamp


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Aquarium small clip light water lamps made of high-quality plastic, have long-lasting properties and are good for plant growth. Durable LEDs, no bulb replacement required.

Two-colored LED lights (blue and white) enhance the color of fish and coral. They create a pleasant night-time ambiance, providing the light needed for plants and algae, and are looking forward to the ultimate opportunity to create a realistic underwater aquarium environment and stunning lighting effects day and night.

Open design, high power lamp beads, and low light decay bulbs, high efficiency, and low energy consumption. It provides the most suitable light for the growth of aquatic plants, tropical fish, and other marine animals.

High efficiency, low energy consumption, 40% energy saving over energy-saving lamps, open design, high-performance lamp beads, and incandescent lamps, and up to 50,000 hours lifespan. Very energy efficient, without damaging the light of the fisheye.

Aquarium LEDs are ideal for aquariums, water tanks, rockeries, and animal cages. Can be placed in houses, dormitories, offices, and other places. Ideal for aquarium reproduction, interior lighting, and temporary lighting.

High-quality materials and ultra-thin housings are lightweight and environmentally friendly. The light can be easily fixed with a clip holder with a maximum glass thickness of 5 mm.

Weight 160.0 kg
Dimensions 150 × 90 × 65 cm

White light, Black white light, Blue white light


X5B, X3, X5W, X7




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