Bug Collection Box for Kids/Insect Plant Observation Barrel  


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Lift and open the lid to catch insects, put the caught insects into the bucket, and then rotate to open and close. Five times of high-definition observation and exploration of the microscopic world, the magnifying glass can rotate 360°, and there are no dead ends so that children can discover the beauty of nature.

The bug collection box or Plant observation barrel can be used to collect insects, plants or fish. The perfect insect trap for kids! With the help of 5 magnification eyepieces, children can observe small insects, plant textures, small fish, turtles, shells and other marine animals at close range, leading them to explore nature and learn scientific knowledge.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning, we have a removable port on the top of the bucket, just unscrew it and rinse with water, it will be as clean as new.
A small hole was observed on the top of the barrel for ventilation, so the animal will not be deprived of oxygen.

Provide your children with insects and plant observation containers that they want to see, 5 times magnification, 360-degree panoramic view and ergonomic design, suitable for small hands. Use these cute little toys to explore real things.

This tank allows you the opportunity to have more fish and a greater variety. The space provided gives them room to grow as well.

Weight 620.0 kg
Dimensions 240 × 240 × 170 cm

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