Aquarium Breeding Cave


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Made of clay material which could filter the water, safe and non-toxic. This environment-friendly ceramic material will absorb harmful chemicals and toxins thereby improving the water PH. The brown color of the ceramic contrasts amazingly with the various hues of greens of the aquarium.

Suitable for small bream, shrimp, cichlids, or other small fish when they need a rest and having fun.
Aquarium decoration provides much interest for your Baby Betta, Fish, Amano Shrimp, Cichlid, and Bonsai. Holes provide a space to pass through, to rest, or hide reducing stress and aggression.

The hiding cave provides shelter, hiding spots, and spawning sites for your fishes. Breeding cave for plecos, shrimps, small fishes, baby fishes. Design a natural living environment for the fish to shelter or to generate.

the ceramic shelter Aquarium Decorations is absolutely safe in fresh water or salty water and will not fade, it’s better to decorate your aquarium. Ceramic fish tank decorations also increase the natural scenery in your fish tank.

Suitable for small fish and shrimp to hide or breed. eel for freshwater aquariums. Outside breeding time, a popular place for shrimp or fish to hide. Designed like their natural environment for shrimp to shelter or breed, you can use a small thread to store moss creating a natural living environment.

The breeding shrimps and fry are undisturbed, thus increase the breeding rate. provide hiding shelter, make shrimp feel safe.

Weight 55.00 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm

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