Mini Buddha Statue for Fish Tank


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The Aquarium Decor Ornament’s flat bottom and its weight are heavy enough to have it stand steadily at one place of your fish tank. All you have to do is to choose a place to put, no further adjustment is needed.

These Aquarium Ornaments can be used immediately, No cleaning is required. This Buddha Statue will take a long time to use to decorate your fish tank.
Hand Painted Detail, Safe for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums and Terrariums. Absolutely safe in fresh water or salty water and will not fade, it’s better to decorate your aquarium.

There is a hole in the mini Buddha statue. Makes a unique addition to your aquarium, works for micro landscape, small aquarium, decorations, etc. Well decorated and used in planted tanks. Fish shelter, aquarium fish escape hole, resin fish hiding house, fish tank landscape ornaments, rockery.

Create a meditative mood in your fish tank with this Sitting Buddha Aquarium Ornament. This ornament is made from 100% resin, so it’s safe for use in salt and freshwater tanks, without any chance of toxic leaching.

Besides enjoying clean and non-toxic water, your fish will love the cave space inside this ornament, and you’ll love the beautiful weathered finish that adds a sense of grand history to your aquarium. At 6.9” high, this ornament is big enough to be a centerpiece or beautiful accent piece.

Weight 260.0 kg

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