Aquarium Shipwreck Decorations Fish Tank


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Aquarium Shipwreck Decorations has live-action with moving masts that sway, lifeboats that move, and bubbles that rise from the holes in the ship. Ship attaches to air pump enabling movement providing both visual appeals as well as aerating your fish tank in a unique, fun way. Air pump, tubing, and gang valve not included.

Made of safe durable resin, this fish tank ornament is hand-painted with detail and is safe for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The realistic sunken ship decorations painted with detail and colors, increase the natural scenery in your fish tank. Impress guests and give a realistic feel and excitement!

This ECO-Friendly resin material non-toxic, non-pollutant fish tank decorations are safe for the fish and water quality, also it won’t fade when the time goes long. Colorful scenery makes your fish vital.

This aquarium decoration needs an air pump. After installing the pump, it can bring bubbles underwater and make it more beautiful. If the number of bubbles is large enough, this shipwreck decoration can even float up and down as the bubble works.

In the middle, this sunk boat ornament is broken and is made of two parts. So you can DIY its design at will. Decorates this boat wreck shape decor underwater, and adds more natural and historical factors to your room.

Can be as a gift for lover, family member or friends who have a fish tank, especially who also like DIY and home decorating

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