Importance of Aquarium Water Temperature

Importance of Aquarium Water Temperature

What is the Importance of Aquarium Water Temperature?
We know from school textbooks that water is a special liquid substance, initially devoid of taste, color, odor, and present in all living organisms. Aquarists should be able to determine the level of individual water characteristics, which include temperature, since the health, and sometimes life, of aquarium inhabitants depends on this. 

Importance of Aquarium Water Temperature

Fish are cold-blooded creatures whose body temperature is directly dependent on the temperature indicators of the external environment. And therefore, the speed of metabolic processes in their organisms also depends on the temperature of the environment, which largely determines their health and general condition.

Importance of Aquarium Water Temperature

So, the temperature of the water in the aquarium depends on:

  • the mobility of the fish;
  • appetite;
  • height;
  • reproduction.

Temperature deviations in aquarium water and their consequences

Most of the inhabitants of the aquariums will feel comfortable at temperatures of 22-26 ° C. Sharp temperature fluctuations in the aquarium, exceeding 3-4 degrees for several hours, are very undesirable for fish. Only gradual insignificant fluctuations are acceptable. However, there are quite frequent cases when sharp temperature changes in aquariums take place:


To a greater extent, this applies to aquariums with a small capacity of up to 50 liters. This is justified by the rapid heating and cooling of a small volume of water in it. And the reason for this may be, for example, a window or a window that is left open for a long time and, as a consequence, the cooling of the room. 

The low temperature in the room in the absence of a heater in the aquarium entails cooling of the water in it, and this, in turn, is the cause of the “cold” of the fish, followed by the bacterial disease chilodonellosis. In the absence of a thermometer in the aquarium, these “jumps” in temperature indicators can go unnoticed by the owner. Meanwhile, the fish, completely unadapted to unstable temperatures, experience severe stress and begin to hurt.

Importance of Aquarium Water Temperature


It is no less dangerous for the inhabitants of aquariums to exceed the temperature indicator, which is most unfavorable for well-fed fish. This is due to the fact that well-eaten fish need oxygen in an increased amount, and in warm water, it is just not enough.

Excessive heating of the aquarium water can be caused by:

  • direct sunlight on the aquarium; 
  • the close location of the tank with the fish to the heating radiators;
  • light arms close to the lidded aquarium.

Devices designed to control the temperature in the aquarium

Thermometer. In order to prevent rapid temperature fluctuations in the aquarium, you should exercise unremitting control over this indicator

Use of Thermometer

This is done using a special thermometer:

  • alcohol;
  • liquid crystal;
  • electronic.

Electronic thermometers are considered the most reliable and accurate, but they are expensive. Alcohol temperature meters are more affordable but less accurate. They are generally preferred by hobby aquarists, attaching them to glass from the inside of the aquarium using a suction cup. The third type of device – liquid crystal – is even less reliable, it is a plastic strip with markings applied to it, attached from the outside to a glass wall. 


An aquarium heater is another device that must be used to maintain a constant temperature regime in an aquarium; it is needed to heat the water in a tank under force majeure circumstances. And as such, in the case of aquarium fish, conditions should be recognized when the temperature in their artificial reservoir has dropped by only 5 ° C. It should be remembered that the overwhelming majority of fish for aquariums come from tropical seas, and in some climate they simply cannot do without additional heating of their habitat, that is, the aquarium. 

Some Tips

When choosing an aquarium heater for maintaining Aquarium Water Temperature, you need to be guided by the following parameters:

  • the power of the device, it should correspond to the volume of your aquarium;
  • an optimal device, that is, to have a thermostat that automatically maintains the temperature level you set, to be convenient to use;
  • be from a reliable manufacturer.

Now you know the Importance of Aquarium Water Temperature. so, buy a thermometer for your aquarium and save the lives of your little friends.

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