How To Leave Aquarium Fish For The Time Of Departure

How To Leave Aquarium Fish For The Time Of Departure

How To Leave Aquarium Fish For The Time Of Departure? Leaving your aquarium unattended while on vacation or away from home for the weekend is easy. There are many ways to solve the problem of feeding and caring for your fish during separation.

A bit of physiology

How To Leave Aquarium Fish For The Time Of Departure

First, all adult fish are shown one hungry day per week. So if you are away on Sunday, let this hungry day be Sunday.

Secondly, there is nothing unusual in the long absence of food for fish. In nature, periods of food abundance are periodically replaced by a complete lack of food, so fish relatively easily endure forced hunger. Adult fish can go without food for about three weeks, while large fish can survive longer.

Thirdly, despite the apparent lack of food, fish still have the opportunity to partially satisfy their hunger. In the aquarium, small protozoa are almost always present; the fish eat them up. Aquarium plants and algal growths on driftwood, soil, and glass are suitable for many fish.

Of course, strong adult fish will only tolerate the long-term absence of regular feeding without harm to health. Sick, convalescent and weakened individuals require an enhanced varied diet to recuperate. For such fish, even a relatively short pause in feeding can be fatal. The same applies to fry: their growing organisms need regular nutrition, a hunger strike will damage their development.

How To Leave Aquarium Fish For The Time Of Departure?

In order for the fish to safely wait for your return, it is necessary to create certain conditions.

1.    Nutrition.

As stated earlier, if you leave the house for a short period of time, your fish will not be affected by the temporary lack of food. If you are going on a long trip, there are several ways to solve the feeding problem:

  • Long-lasting dissolution fish food. Many companies produce such food, and it is almost always available in pet stores. Slowly dissolving blocks with feed, after entering the water, begin to slowly release food in small portions. These blocks are enough for several days. It is enough just to lower such a block into the aquarium before leaving.
  • Auto feeder. This device can be programmed for the required number of days, and your fish will receive food at the specified time.
Digital Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder
  • Driftwood, edible plants and algae. When placed in an aquarium, they serve as an additional source of food for many species of fish. For example, goldfish happily eat riccia and duckweed, while ancistrus gnaws at algal growths and bacterial films from driftwood – this is their natural food in nature.
  • The person who can replace you. This can be a neighbor, relative, acquaintance, or fish care worker.

2.    Water

How To Leave Aquarium Fish For The Time Of Departure

Before leaving, you need to put things in order: clean the soil, replace some water, rinse the filter. In addition, it is advisable to put a capsule to accelerate the process of organic degradation in the soil or filter and use an air conditioner to maintain optimal water parameters.

3.    Air

Air Pump

Leave an extra air hole or remove the lid (if the design of the aquarium allows, there is no possibility of excessive evaporation of water or fish jumping out) in case the aerator malfunctions. An additional compressor can be installed.

4.    Lighting

Led lighting lamp

There is usually not enough daylight from the window. You cannot place the aquarium on the windowsill or close to the window – direct sunlight will not only overheat the water, which is detrimental to fish but will also cause the rapid growth of algae. To solve this problem, it is better to use an automatic light switch on and off the device. These devices can be found at pet stores or on our online store.

5.    Temperature

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The maintenance of constant temperature values ​​of the water in the aquarium should be entrusted to a heater with a thermostat. Measure the temperature with Thermometer.

6.    Security

If the filtration and aeration system allows the installation of check valves, then it is advisable to do so. This will eliminate the possibility of water leakage. Also, purchase an automatic cut-off device in case of electrical failures if you do not already have one.

A few general tips

  • Do not purchase fry and new plants if planning to leave. For full growth and development, fry needs your constant presence and supervision. And with plants that have not passed quarantine, an infection can be introduced.
  • Trust a responsible and dedicated person to feed and maintain your aquarium. Never entrust this to people who are not familiar with the rules of aquarium care.
  • On the eve of departure, do not give the fish more food than usual in order to feed them in reserve. Overeating is also harmful to the body, and the food that fish cannot eat will quickly decompose and spoil the water. This can poison the fish.
  • The feeders are designed for the use of dry food only. Therefore, it is worth transferring the fish to dry food before departure if they previously ate only live or frozen food.