Aquarium Stones

Aquarium Stones

Let’s talk a little about Aquarium Stones, where to get them, and which ones are better.

Choosing the right stones can brighten the look of your aquarium and improve the lives of its inhabitants.

What are stones in an aquarium for?

  1. Giving a beautiful appearance to the aquarium;
  2. For the regulation of water quality;
  3. For some aquarium fish, they promote reproduction and survival.

Where to get Aquarium Stones?

In general, aquarium stones can be found anywhere, for example:

  1. Purchase in a specialized pet store, the least troublesome option;
  2. Find it yourself on a sea beach or riverbank, in quarries for the extraction of building stone.

Types of Stones for aquarium

Currently, stones for an aquarium are divided into two conditional types

1.    Natural stones

Natural stones of natural origin must be used with care in the aquarium; not all stones may be suitable for aquarium fish

Aquarium Stones

Marble, shale, limestone, shells, dolomites – increase the hardness of the water in the aquarium.

Porous sandstone, limestone, calcareous tuff – increase the alkalinity of the water.

The most neutral are granite, quartz, gneiss, gray sandstone. These types of stones can be safely placed in the aquarium.

Sea stones can be used in an aquarium only after special treatment; as a rule, stones are boiled in water several times.

2.    Artificial Aquarium Stones

Artificial stones are usually made from non-toxic plastics and can be safely used in the decoration of aquarium decor. 

Aquarium Stones

What else do you need to focus on when choosing stones for an aquarium?

  1. We decide on the fish that will live in the aquarium; some fish require soft water (tropical fish species), others alkaline water (marine species);
  2. The selected stone should not crumble and crumble when mechanically applied to it;
  3. The stone should not be too heavy so as not to damage the aquarium;
  4. There should not be various spots on the stone – orange, green, various metals may be present in such stones;
  5. It is advisable to select stones from the same natural material for the aquarium.

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