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About - Décorative Aquarium


You will find in our aquarium store a wide range of spare parts and high-performance equipment for your pond as well as for your seawater aquarium and freshwater aquarium.

We put at your disposal products to respect the ecosystem with a wide variety of aquarium plants of different sizes, shapes and colors to make your water garden as well as a wide range of water pumps, to benefit from the best filtering for the aquarium, and different lighting systems.

For the maintenance of the aquarium and the fishes we offer you a range of soil and fertilizers and fish care.

Different equipment for aquarium decoration to support / furniture, stones or ceramic and resin decorations. Decorative Aquarium has several thousand references in stock and a large offer of living: fish, invertebrates and plants.


Decorative Aquarium places great emphasis on customer service. Our team is at your disposal for any request for information or advice.

The Decorative Aquarium team puts everything in place so that it is possible for you to receive your products directly at home. Our ambition is to constantly enrich the diversity and the quality of the articles for fish and reptiles on sale on this site, both material and food.

If however you are looking for an aquarium article not appearing on our site, please contact us.

Our competent staff is at your disposal to answer all your requests.

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Décorative Aquarium | The online aquarium specialist
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Décorative Aquarium | The online aquarium specialist
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Décorative Aquarium | The online aquarium specialist
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